10 Ways to tell it was a good mommy day…

  1. There were less than a dozen bath toys in the tub while I took a shower.
  2. The playroom has more toys on the shelf than the floor.
  3. My 3 oldest are watching a movie together and the noise level is only at dull roar.
  4. The only kids in my bed have four legs and tails.
  5. The worse thing that hit me in the head today was a domino.
  6. I got to drink half of my bottle of lemonade before my toddler stole it.
  7. “Moooooomm …” Was only bellowed 372 times today.
  8. My son saved me a frosted flake shaped like a heart and I actually was allowed to eat it. (after taking a picture of it and posting it on FB) 
  9. It dawned on me today that there is less than a month left of school.
  10. All four kiddos are done their chores, homework, showers before midnight and I did not have threaten to ground anyone. 

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