Update time

I know I have been neglecting this page but a lot has happened while I have been away, rather than try to catch it all up I think I will just give the top 5 highlights.

1. Our little visitor may just be on his way to being a forever Pennington. His goal was changed to adoption and we wrote the court to tell them we would like to adopt him. Going to be a long road but it will be worth it.

2. We are a hotline family and in the 2 months we have been on the list we have cared for over a dozen different children. It has been quite a learning experience and has helped us function better as a family.

3. I finally may have some answers about my health, autoimmune hypothyroidism. Starting some new meds and looking forward to feeling better.

4. We took our first real family vacation. We had an amazing time visiting Florida and on a cruise to Mexico.

5. Hubby and I are making some major changes in our communication and parenting choices. Hoping to become better parents and closer to eachother.

Please continue to follow my page as I get back to basics and invite my fellow Facebook moms, (and dads) to join me on the latest “Adventure at Pennington Place”!!


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