It takes all kinds!

Why is the world so stuck on every family having 2.5 naturally conceived kids? Families come in all shapes and sizes!!! How they are built or who is part of them is what makes then special and unique.
And to the people who feel the need to look at my amazing crew and ask are they “really” mine… YES… They are REALLY MINE… Maybe I did not give birth to them but they are just as much my children as a biological child would be… We went through hell and back to be able to adopt and foster, we had strangers pouring through our personal lives, visiting our house, looking in our fridge, cabinets, and bedrooms and we filled out a mountain of paperwork that would make a mortgage broker cringe!!!
So random person in the supermarket or on the playground how the children came into our lives is our story, and now that my children are older it up to them to share it if they wish. Whether they are with me for a short while or forever!! To me they are just my kids!!!


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