A new year…

Now that the holidays are over our day to day routines are returning to normal. My hubby is back to work full time but with a very different schedule. The kids and I are on our own most nights for dinner and with more time for chatting I have been getting much more inside information into the kids days. I can see how much school stresses are impacting their lives.
Most days my son comes home a bundle of raw nerves. Almost anything sets him to crying or lashing out. When I ask him he says he doesn’t know why but he tells stories that lead me to believe that his teacher is pretty hard on my creative little chatterbox.
My middle child has been testing boundaries and trying out her “tween” attitude. She is still coming to terms with the differences between family life and being raised by doting grandparents. Chores and rules pose big challenges and some days are harder than others.
My oldest is in seventh grade and learning it isn’t easy to manage her own school work. She has not done as well in some of her classes as she wanted to. I am proud to say that instead of laying blame she is meeting with teachers and staying after for help.
In response to their struggles I have been trying to make our weekends much more about both relaxing and having fun as a family. We are cutting back on tech and doing more crafts, playing games and especially getting outside as much as weather in New England permits.
Our little visitor had settled in nicely. He is such a happy baby and all the kids love him as do my hubby and I. It is getting harder and harder to remember what life was like before he came. The inherit problem with this is that it is really going to hurt when it is time for him to move on. We met with his social worker and he will be here at least another month or two. So we will enjoy him while we can.
This new year is going to be filled with many great adventures, keep checking in for updates !!!


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