New adventures and big changes…

Things are going to be changing in our household this month. After a long wait things are moving along in our quest to finalize the adoption of our middle child. She has lived with us for well over a year now and soon she will be completely part of our crazy clan.
Next for the first time we are taking a kid free vacation. Kids are staying with grandparents while my husband and I go on a cruise. This will serve as a chance for my hubby and I to reconnect.
It will also give us the recharge we need before embarking on a new adventure in parenting. When we return we will be on the “hotline” list for DCF foster care. Foster care is something we have always wanted to do and now that we have the space and job flexibility we decided to go for it.
Hotline care is caring for kids that need a short term placement. Most times it will be just for a few days up to 45 days. We felt it would be a good way to get our feet wet and see how fostering impacts our family.
We should end up licensed to take in one girl, one or two boys, or babies. This will allow us to take siblings as well as individual children. With the holidays around the corner this could get interesting.
Any advice from any one with foster experience out there???



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