Remembering the forgotten holiday…

Well I am back. The kids are back in school and Halloween is over. It has been a hectic few months. My husband is still struggling to get back to work, I am in school full time, working extra hours, we are in the process of getting our foster care license (more on this to come) and finalizing our middle daughter adoption.
With Christmas being the big focus of media and retailers thanks giving is fast becoming the forgotten holiday. The ad companies have not found a way to get us to spend infinitesimal amounts of money on decorations and gifts for thanksgiving so they skip it and go for the big money, Christmas.
In my house we believe Christmas needs to wait its turn. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because for me it is all about family and being grateful for all we have. Usually the weekend before or after thanksgiving our relatives from out of town visit. We also invite a bunch of local family and friends. We have a big family dinner on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone brings something and we cook a couple of turkeys.
We eat way too much, talk about the happenings of the past year and even make plans for the next one. After dinner we play cards or board games till late in the evening and many of the family, even the local ones sleep over. (We have plenty of room in the house and the grown nieces and nephews love sleeping in our camper.)
There are usually a bunch of kids and with our big yard they spend lots of time outside. If the weather doesn’t cooperate then we take out the art stuff and it always amazes me how creative they are with my kids bins of random craft supplies.
The next morning my hubby makes his yummy “dough boys” and we squeeze in a bit more fun before reality sets in and everyone has to head out.
This is the kind of fun that family is all about. There is no worrying about gifts, going from house to house to keep everyone happy, or the rest of the crazy ness that will soon take over our lives in preparation for Christmas. Just eachother, food and lots of laughs. We are lucky enough to get together pretty often in smaller groups but the chance to get everyone in one place makes our thanksgiving my favorite holiday!!!
How do you celebrate holidays? Is thanksgiving important to your family or is it just one more step on the way to Christmas ? How do you keep your family close?


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