Unschooling (Just For The Summer)

Summer vacation in our house has usually meant, workbooks, research projects and assigned reading. This year I decided that we would go “unschool”.
Unschooling is an educational philosophy that believes that left to their own devices but given plenty of opportunities and support children will learn how to learn and that they will then develop the skills they need to be successful adults. (this is my best interpretation.)
For us this meant instead of worksheet and assignments I would allow the kids the kids to set the pace and learn the things they were interested in. It also mean being less drill sergeant and more hands on supportive. The freedom it gave the kids was nothing short of amazing.
My oldest has begun to teach herself to play the piano, 3-D drawing and American Sign Language. My middle daughter has reached new heights in creativity using nature/recycled materials and tried several scientific experiments. My son, the youngest has honed his reading skills, as well as renewing his love of wild animals. They have all put on several “plays”, fashion shows, and gymnastic demonstrations.
We have done some more structured activities such as camping, Bible school, and trips to the pool. But for the most part the children have made their own fun and learned much in the process.
I am not sure our summer would fit the definition of Unschooling as some would see it but my kids have had a chance to learn on their own terms and hopefully become better learners in the process.


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