Memories not money summer

This summer is going to be a bit different. My husband is has been out of work since January and is going to be going for his second surgery next week. He most likely will be out until October and even with disability insurance things are tight. I work part time and with my husbands medical issues going back to full time is not am option. Usually our summers are filled with day trips and vacations camping. We are a bit more relaxed with our spending and take out and ice cream are treats we have often.
This year we are going to focus on “Memories Not Money”. We are going to make crafts using the stuff we have accumulated over the years, cook out on the grill, “camp” in the yard, spend time with friends, and take advantage of the free offerings at local businesses.
The kids are excited to have extra time with their dad and to be spending more of their summer at home( they usually need to be babysat or go to all day camp programs while we are at work). We were lucky to be able to let all three of them join their schools free half day summer enrichment programs. And they will also go to a week long bible camp that is also free.
Tight finances allow families to really take a closer look at what is important and learn to make better choices when spending. It has also made our kids appreciate all that they have and what they get to do.
How do you spend your summer? What kind of summer deals do you have in your area? How have you taught your kids to be more grateful?


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