A little about me

My name is Tina and I am a 39 years old Mom. I have three amazing children, a spunky almost 14 year old daughter, a sweet cuddly 11 year old daughter, an energetic monkey of a son who is 9 and a bitty boy of 2. I also have a terrific husband, a dog and a cat. I work from home trying to open a family daycare and am back in college for my degree in Early Childhood Ed, but I spend most of my time with my kiddos.  The idea for this blog came to me while doing some research for a paper. I came across a bunch of new parenting styles and found myself questioning how I had been relating to my family. In attempting to reconnect with my kids I found it helpful to write out what I was doing and to be able to go back and reflect on what worked and what I could change. In doing this I began to think that could not be the only one feeling out of touch and searching for ideas to bring their family closer together, help their kids grow up happy, responsible and caring or to make the day to day stuff easier. So I thought I could share what I learn and maybe gets so ideas from other moms.


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